a monday off work and drinking

scotch chased with beer


all i can smell is my arm pits


the plastic tarp on the roof

of the stopped in mid remodel house

next door

blows in the wind

sounding like rain


the foot steps upstairs

sound like death


planes are leaving

for paris



and st petersburg


my phone company

sent me a membership card

to a club i didnt sign up for

and the voice

at the train station reminds me

to stand behind the yellow line

as i finish my beer


my body flinches

my mind throws

the empty

out the door

and across the parking lot

to shatter

like a grenade

blowing apart the building across the way

destroying lives

like god


flipping through pictures

i come across one of becky

not the becky of my first kiss

or the one from college

that wanted to go to clown school

because her eyesight was too poor

to be a figher pilot

and whos husband was too poor

in bed to keep her out of mine

but the becky

that was decapitated her junior year

when her boyfriends car

hit a patch of ice

and she went through the windshield


my car needs oil


my phone doesnt ring

i think

it only works one way


razor nics

on my throat

singing to the radio

billy joel



a fly circles

in fly circle 8s

staring at me

with a thousand eyes

i swear

i see him drool



going to work


the worst thing that can happen

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