Sunday nite.  Had to go out.  No books in the house to read.  Had to buy a new book.  Finished Ulysses Saturday day.  Bought Catcher in the Rye that nite.  Hadn’t read it in years.  Read it all today.  So out for more.  Picked up Sexus.  While I enjoyed Ulysses a lot I didn’t enjoy it much.  The form style manner were great.  But large portions dragged.  It was mind food.  Gut junk.  After finishing it, now I can see why it would have been banned.  Here.  Then.  Glad it is not anymore.  At least it’s not Then, even if it is still Here.  Don’t know if I’ll ever read it again.  Glad I picked up Catcher again.  Forgot so much.  Remembered more than I thought.  Read it sophomore year in high school.  Don’t remember appreciating it much.  Do now though.  Not as much as the hype.  No need for a jacked for us tonite.  Warm to say the least.  Warmer outside than in my room.  Meeting at 9 in the morning.  Early.  Too early.  At least it should be over by 1 or so.  Then what to do for the rest of the day.  Supposed to call Natalie.  Don’t expect her to still be around.  Busy.  Busy.  Her. Not me.  Can’t wait to get back to work.  A week with nothing to do.  Bored.  Besides it would be good to have money come in again.  Don’t know how much further up I can go moneywise.  When we closed I was making 20%.  The only thing I can do is sell more money.  The percentage won’t go up from there.  Not much anyways.  Buy more beer.  More appetizers.  That’s all.  The meetings were talking about people making 7%-10% on checks and things they could do to give better service.  Well.  It wasn’t a waste of time for me.  I go paid.  And got a couple of tips.  Pardon the pun.  On how to sell things without seeming too obvious.  Feeling too uncomfortable.  Don’t like to sell people things they don’t want.  Don’t like when people try to do it to me when I go out.  Enough work.

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