All I have to do is smoke this cigarette and die.  but I don’t even have the pleasure of the nicotine rushing with the bullet aimed at my head.  The hole in my stomach that had me puking blood talked me into quitting.  And now I’m not sure.  you not everything is a big deal.  Big hairy man with a ponytail is nothing but a big hairy man with a ponytail.  Nothing more.  Not a person place or thing with the power to affect the lives of the people whose scenes he walks through.  So why don’t you suck each other off and pretend that it matters.  My father told me to find a woman who was willing to throw herself on a hand grenade for me.  Does it count if I find a woman who I’m willing to throw myself on a hand grenade for?  Hope so.  Except she does nothing but litter firecrackers.  Stealing the booze and my glory of death in the name of love.  And I’ll just keep driving her to to meet the guy she’s in love with.  Look out below.  Another firecracker.  Ow that hurts.  Did you catch the number of that mosquito?  Or why I feel like licking her asshole.  Thank you mistress.  May I have another.  I can still get an erection.  I must be a very bad boy.  Put your left foot in take your right foot out.  Kick ’em when they’re up.  Kick ’em when they’re down.  I once fucked Charlie Brown and isn’t peppermint patty an after dinner mint with no pubic hair in your teeth.  Taking away half the fun.  But at least I still have half the fun.  Half full.  Half empty.  What’s the difference?  Either someone else has your other half or you have someone else’s other half and that’s not fair of either one of you.  Cell phones for the socially challenged.  Quick.  Must talk about work.  And the way grandma’s diapers smell.  Must have more coffee.  This is too much like reality.  Beggars and pimps.  Something. Hookers and politicians.  Ditto.  The cook the thief his wife an her lover.  One hell of a dinner party.  Don’t forget the grey popcorn.

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