So I’m back again.  Too often perhaps.  But I didn’t want to leave you with such nonsense and stupidity.  Then again you should be very used to nonsense and stupidity from me.  One of my charms.  Maybe what I’m best at.  Very fragrant woman just came in.  Watched the Red Sox lose to the Brave 8-0 this morning.  for this I got up early?  UMass plays Kentucky when I’m at work.  Missing out on all the fun again.  Just have to make my own fun to catch up.  The cost of everything the value of nothing.  Youth.  Great moments in the obvious.  The artist of the month is here to take down her paintings.  They are ugly as hell.  Not ugly as sin.  Sin is quite often beautiful.  Really bad dyed red hair and Birkenstocks.  Anorexia girl is here for her shift.  Not insults.  Insights.  Anything that is askew is a hint as to why.  In the smallest detail disjointed is everything.  Function in dysfunction.  Dysfunction in function.  Being in nothingness.  Oh it suddenly got deep in here.  Hipwaders anyone?  Goggles soon.  Snorkel.

Just got out of work.  Later today.  Don’t know if UMass won or not.  Parents taped it so I can watch it at my leisure in the next day or two.  Feeling like shit.  Coming down with something.  Probably a Red Sox and UMass double dip in the loss column.  Annoying navy guy to the right working his incompetence on another woman.  He strikes out more than Aaron Judge.  Silly boy.  Sprains his arm patting himself on his back.  In the middle of the most guys do stupid things but I’m different a sensitive guy routine.  See my nuclear watch.  Exactly how many women enjoy a guy talking about how wonderful he is?  Never asking about you.  Never stopping to let her respond.  We all do it.  All have our routines.  The things we say to get laid.  That we think best show off our feathers.  Pot calling the kettle black in an era when neither pots nor kettles are black.  Such are the tortures of life.  Something like Chinese water torture.  In a pool of electric eels.  Watch how amazing I am.  Too bad you can’t change channels to find something interesting.  Then it would probably be like real TV.  No matter how many channels still nothing on.  Sorry nobody home.  Feel like I’ve been writing forever tonite.  Only one page.  Experiencing the illness time warp.  The space time fractured.  Broken down into slices.  Enabling you to feel as much of the illness as possible without exploding.  Sometimes that’s a good thing.  Now it’s not.  Time to pack up.  Head home.  Medicine up.  And try to sleep it off.  Wish me luck.  Time to hit the mail with this.  Mailing Monday.  Promise.


Promis broken.

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